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Sorry, NASSAU COUNTY deliveries
for 2020-21 Season

2020-21 Ordering & Availability

What's going on for the 2020-21 Season? Just like most small businesses, we were greatly affected by the events of this past year.
Production was shut down April thru July.
For 2020-21, we will have less than 50% of our normal firewood availabilty.

We will not be able to service all of our 3500+ dedicated repeat customers.
Can I place an order for delivery to my town? *** This website is for Nassau County ordering only. *** Unavailable for 2020-21 Season. ***
If you live in Eastern Suffolk you order from Hamptons Firewood
Central & Western Suffolk County residents order from L.I. Firewood
How do I order for Nassau County delivery? *** Sorry, Nassau County ordering unavailable for 2020-21 Season ***
Can I pick up firewood? Sorry, there is no firewood pick up available.
100% of Nassau orders are delivered.
Why is there no pick up available? This season, we cannot produce enough firewood to meet demand.
All weekly production is sold in advance = no firewood ever left over for pick up.
But, I am a repeat customer & I order every year? 2020-21 is unlike any season before & we are unable to service all customers as we have in the past.
Why is Nassau County not being delivered to? Our main facility is in Riverhead & our original 2009 customer base is Eastern Suffolk County.
Nassau County deliveries started in 2012.
Nassau County can only be serviced when we are at full capacity.
We love your firewood.
Can you PLEASE make an exception?
Sorry, no exceptions. Quite honestly, this is a very tough business. We appreciate your past support, but (like many local small businesses) we must make many adjustments in order to successfully operate this 2020 Season.
Will there be any way to get your firewood
in Nassau County this 2020-21 Season?
We 100% will not be delivering to Nassau County any time this 2020-21 Season.
From August thru October, some Nassau County customers had deliveries made to friends/family in Suffolk County & then picked up their firewood from there.

Sorry, Nassau County customers getting deliveries made to Suffolk addresses ended with October deliveries.
Can you recommend any place to get the same quality KILN DRIED Firewood? We cannot endorse any other firewood company on Long Island. Quality control is an issue for most producers & it's really hit or miss with what you will get. Our advice is to go see the firewood for yourself before buying, or order a small amount first (& burn some) before placing a large order.
Are you accepting orders for the 2021-22 Season? Believe it or not, we are already getting 2021-22 requests. Sorry, but we do not ever pre-sell firewood before it is scheduled for production.
Our 2021-22 Season production will not be scheduled until May 2021.

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