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Can I place an order for delivery to my town? *** This website is for Nassau County ordering only. ***
If you live in Eastern Suffolk you must order from Hamptons Firewood
Central & Western Suffolk County residents order from L.I. Firewood
How do I order? 100% of our ordering is done online. Ordering is available 24/7.
Use the "ORDER" button on the top of any page to view our available firewood.
Can I order over the phone? We only accept online orders. There is no phone ordering available. Your credit card info is safe during our secure online checkout. We also need to make sure your delivery information is correct through your online entry.
What payments are accepted? Your online order can be paid with Visa, Mastercard or Discover.
Can I pay the driver in cash? All orders must be prepaid online. Our drivers cannot accept any firewood payments.
Can I pick up firewood? We deliver 100% of our firewood March through December. Very rarely, we open limited January pick up days FOR LOOSE FIREWOOD (at our East End facility).

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Pricing & Availability

How much firewood should I order? Our most popular volume has always been 1/4 cord. Our true 1/4 cord is a lot of firewood. Most of our repeat customers order 1/4 cord at a time, & then reorder when they start to run low.
Can I order a full cord? There is a maximum of 1/2 cord per delivery early in season & a 1/4 cord cord maximum during peak season. You can order multiple deliveries. They will be delivered at least 1 week apart.
Why can't I order more than 1/2 or 1/4 cord at a time? We have 3500+ dedicated repeat customers (& growing) & we can never produce enough firewood to meet demand. Our 1/2 & 1/4 cord maximums insure that more customers have access to our firewood throughout the season.
When is the best time to order? Order early in March & April, or in August (before Labor Day). Fall & early Winter demand is so high that we have very long delivery lead times & never have enough firewood to meet demand.
Are there any discounts? We have the lowest KILN DRIED Firewood prices on Long Island. There are no further discounts.
Do you sell wholesale firewood? 100% of our firewood is sold to residential customers. We do not sell wholesale or commercially.

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About our Firewood

Do you only produce KILN DRIED Firewood? All of our firewood is KILN DRIED. We do not produce "seasoned" firewood or sell "green" fresh split firewood.
What is KILN DRIED Firewood? KILN DRIED firewood is dried in large industrial ovens (kilns). It is dried the same way lumber is dried, and it is the only way to consistently produce high quality firewood every time. Even during the cold winter months, our KILN DRIED firewood can be produced within a few days and the result is consistently high quality firewood that is free of bugs & mold/fungus.
Do you have loose firewood? 100% of our firewood is delivered in bags. We do not deliver any loose or palletized firewood.
What length is your firewood? Our Standard Cut is a consistent 15 to 16 inches. Precise length is crucial for our volume measurements, bagging & consistent kiln drying results.
What type(s) of firewood do you have? We only process hardwoods. Our main species are Birches, Maples & Beech. Occasionally we have specilaty woods like Ash, Cherry & Hickory. We rarely process Red Oak and never any softwood species.

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